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Cummings School Giving Tuesday 2021
Adding momentum to Tufts’ participation in Giving Tuesday, the global day of philanthropy coming up on November 30, this year 80 challenges will be ...
Latest Headlines
View All highlights the recommendations of Cummings School’s veterinary nutritionists on safe/unsafe foods for dogs this season of gathering.
November 24th 2021
Keeping dogs safe during the gathering season.
November 23rd 2021
Research associate professor Allen Rutberg comments in a New Yorker feature on urban deer population management projects that have stirred public ...
November 8th 2021
Minerals in pet food can come from the main ingredients or be added as concentrated inorganic or chelated supplements. We review the differences in ...
November 8th 2021
32nd Veterinary Research Day showcases exceptional student work
November 4th 2021
Associate professor Raymond Kudej spoke with CBS’ The Doctors about a groundbreaking tongue reduction surgery he performed on a dog named Bentley.
November 3rd 2021
We’ve created a list of foods that are healthy and relatively low in calories so you can avoid unbalancing your pet’s diet with too many foods ...
October 21st 2021
With National Reptile Awareness Day just around the corner, thousands of bearded dragons, leopard geckos, snakes, and more are bound for new homes.
October 21st 2021
Stella Elwood, V23, is leading the charge to modernize an important education track for their fellow Cummings School students: diversity, equity, and ...
October 20th 2021
Florina Tseng lays out the set of numbers like playing cards.
October 19th 2021
Special Report
Coverage of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dean emerita and professor Deborah Kochevar co-authors an article for the Conversation on preventing future pandemics through a One Health approach.
November 3rd 2021
Professor Deborah Kochevar, lead on the STOP Spillover project, spoke with BYU Radio’s Top of Mind with Julie Rose about working to prevent the ...
August 16th 2021
Clinical assistant professor Stephanie Borns-Weil spoke with for a story on how dog owners can get their dogs ready for a ‘return to ...
May 30th 2021
Postdoctoral scholar Kaitlin Sawatzki was featured in a Wall Street Journal video story on concerns around COVID transmission between humans and ...
March 26th 2021
Professor Jonathan Runstadler comments on his lab's work studying SARS-CoV-2 and the potential for transmission between humans and animals in a ...
March 15th 2021
Infectious disease researchers Kaitlin Sawatzki, Nichola Hill, and Wendy Puryear spoke with Nature’s LabAnimal on viral surveillance at the ...
February 18th 2021
Professor Jonathan Runstadler contributed his expertise to NPR’s Goats and Soda for a coronavirus FAQ on a range of topics.
February 12th 2021
National Geographic National Geographic quotes clinical associate professor Emily McCobb and assistant professor Megan Mueller on the ...
February 2nd 2021
Professor Jonathan Runstadler comments in a Vox article about which animals are most susceptible to SARS-CoV-2
December 16th 2020
Professor Jonathan Runstadler discusses his lab’s work to investigate genetic mutations and other factors that enable the SARS-CoV-2 virus to jump ...
May 15th 2020
December 1st 2021