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Brooklyn, a three-year-old golden retriever, and Jayne Smith pose for a photo, along one of their usual walking paths where Brooklyn contracted tetanus but was successfully treated at Foster Hospital for Small Animals at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.
Triumphing over Tetanus
Not many dogs contract this infection—and many of those that do die. However, intensive care at the Foster Hospital saved two pets with severe ...
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Paulina Paw, VG17, puts her infectious disease knowledge to good use at hospitals and medical practices in Pennsylvania
August 13th 2020
Alum Dr. John de Jong answers a Boston Herald reader's questions about tetanus in dogs—and gives kudos to the Foster Hospital staff who recently ...
August 10th 2020
Cummings School researchers study how increasing women’s access to livestock vaccines can improve animal and human health and well-being
July 27th 2020
The bacteria that caused the Black Death in the Middle Ages persists in the U.S. and abroad, but human deaths are largely avoidableWith pandemic ...
July 20th 2020
A new endowment supports education, research and civic engagement initiatives designed to support individuals and families who have been affected by ...
July 16th 2020
Cummings School is part of a multi-institution study to assess if a new field treatment would benefit military working dogs—and maybe someday pets ...
July 6th 2020
Elena Iacono’s longstanding love of animals has guided her from childhood to her career
June 26th 2020
Professor Sam Telford spoke with Boston 25 about mosquitoes and ticks and risk of related vector-borne disease this summer, emphasizing the need for ...
June 24th 2020
The university announces initiatives to address racism and give greater support for diversity In solidarity with the Black community and the pursuit ...
June 24th 2020
Professor Jonathan Runstadler was quoted by The Washington Post among experts studying animals and the novel coronavirus and the likelihood of ...
June 22nd 2020
Special Report
Answers Needed on COVID-19
Professor Jonathan Runstadler discusses his lab’s work to investigate genetic mutations and other factors that enable the SARS-CoV-2 virus to jump ...
May 15th 2020
Associate professor Janetrix Hellen Amuguni explains why it's important to learn how COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders are affecting men and women ...
May 14th 2020
Distinguished professor Saul Tzipori explains how much we still have to learn about SARS-Co-2 infections and immunity.
May 15th 2020
Associate professor Abhineet Sheoran explains why widespread antibody testing is so critical to moving forward in a COVID-19 world.
May 15th 2020
Assistant professor Amanda Martinot discusses why she’s working with researchers to identify early events in the pathogenesis of COVID-19 using ...
May 14th 2020
Assistant professor Felicia Nutter explains why we need to understand interactions among humans, animals, and their ecosystems to avoid future ...
May 15th 2020
Research assistant professor Marieke Rosenbaum says COVID-19 can teach us how to encourage other behavioral changes for health—and plans to test ...
May 15th 2020
Professor Charles Shoemaker is helping investigate if alpaca antibodies can produce better diagnostic agents and antiviral therapeutics for COVID-19.
May 15th 2020
Research assistant professor Chris Whittier says the pandemic raises many questions around the relationships among human, animal, and environmental ...
May 15th 2020
Professor Sam Telford says the U.S. was caught unprepared to fight COVID-19—and asks how we will learn from this experience and invest differently ...
May 15th 2020
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Tufts researchers to study how sex and gender affect individuals’ risk of worse outcomes from COVID-19
June 15th 2020
Equine veterinarian says the region is likely in the middle of a three-year surge in the viral disease, which kills 90% of infected horses
June 25th 2020
Researchers developing therapies and vaccines look to find the best paths forward with the help of a Cummings School veterinary pathologist
May 20th 2020
A Cummings School alum helps us better understand sharks—for their safety and ours—through photography and research.
May 1st 2019
The outdoors have offered an escape from the pandemic, but summer weather brings the risk of EEE and Lyme disease
June 15th 2020
What to do if you think your dog has been exposed to deadly cyanobacteria.
August 30th 2019
Two Cummings School veterinary dermatologists offer advice for owners of cats and dogs with environmental and flea allergies.
May 26th 2020
An emergency and critical care veterinarian talks summer safety for brachycephalic breeds.
June 26th 2016
A former Tufts Wildlife Clinic staff member shares why it’s important that you don’t rush to help every baby animal—and when to step in.
June 14th 2017
Cats don’t feel its effects, but the bacterium can cause real problems for dogs.
May 12th 2016
A viral illness primarily transmitted by mosquitoes, Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) is fatal in more than 90% of infected horses.
August 30th 2019