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Professor Raymond Kudej spoke with WCVB Boston about a unique surgery he performed on a dog with an abnormally large tongue.
September 10th 2021
Worcester Business Journal highlights a Mass Life Sciences Center award to the School that helped launch the Comparative Pathology and Genomics ...
August 31st 2021
Cummings School professor Raymond Kudej’s research into brachycephalic breeds prepared him to perform what might be the first tongue-reduction ...
August 24th 2021
Professor Sam Telford is quoted in a story in The New Yorker on why it has taken so long for a new Lyme Disease vaccine since the original came out ...
August 19th 2021
Professor Deborah Kochevar, lead on the STOP Spillover project, spoke with BYU Radio’s Top of Mind with Julie Rose about working to prevent the ...
August 16th 2021
The funds for capital investment will support research ranging from drug delivery to disease detection technologies at the university
August 10th 2021
Assistant professor Felicia Nutter, who also collaborates on the STOP Spillover project, comments on the July case of monkeypox in the U.S. in ...
July 23rd 2021
Professor Jonathan Runstadler is quoted in The New York Times on the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission between humans and pets.
July 19th 2021
The Pet Loss Support Hotline at Cummings School continues to provide a sympathetic ear to pet owners in need of emotional support
July 15th 2021
Professor Sam Telford spoke with New York Magazine about ticks and Lyme Disease.
July 10th 2021
Special Report
Coverage of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Professor Jonathan Runstadler comments in a Vox article about which animals are most susceptible to SARS-CoV-2
December 16th 2020 Professor Jonathan Runstadler spoke with about the COVID-19 outbreaks at Dutch mink farms. Read full story here: ...
December 1st 2020
Veterinarians warn pet owners to keep dogs away from masks—and urge all to properly dispose of used face coverings
November 23rd 2020
Clinical assistant professor Stephanie Borns-Weil talks with WBUR's "All Things Considered" about how the pandemic has impacted pet behavior.
November 18th 2020
Cummings School researchers contribute to preclinical study that’s among first to report vaccine protection against severe COVID-19-related ...
September 4th 2020
To help veterinary students learn to use a microscope—while still following social-distancing guidelines—Cummings School invested in ...
August 24th 2020
Professor Jonathan Runstadler discusses his lab’s work to investigate genetic mutations and other factors that enable the SARS-CoV-2 virus to jump ...
May 15th 2020
Tufts researchers to study how sex and gender affect individuals’ risk of worse outcomes from COVID-19
June 15th 2020
Professor Charles Shoemaker is helping investigate if alpaca antibodies can produce better diagnostic agents and antiviral therapeutics for COVID-19.
May 15th 2020
Indonesia represents one of the most challenging fronts in the war against COVID-19. Meet the adjunct professor leading the fight against the novel ...
April 8th 2020
Researchers developing therapies and vaccines look to find the best paths forward with the help of a Cummings School veterinary pathologist
May 20th 2020
Research assistant professor Marieke Rosenbaum says COVID-19 can teach us how to encourage other behavioral changes for health—and plans to test ...
May 15th 2020
Assistant professor Felicia Nutter explains why we need to understand interactions among humans, animals, and their ecosystems to avoid future ...
May 15th 2020
Scientists collaborate to understand the coronavirus, from how it is transmitted to the disparity of its harm Source: ...
June 18th 2020
Research assistant professor Chris Whittier says the pandemic raises many questions around the relationships among human, animal, and environmental ...
May 15th 2020
Professor Sam Telford says the U.S. was caught unprepared to fight COVID-19—and asks how we will learn from this experience and invest differently ...
May 15th 2020
Distinguished professor Saul Tzipori explains how much we still have to learn about SARS-Co-2 infections and immunity.
May 15th 2020
Associate professor Abhineet Sheoran explains why widespread antibody testing is so critical to moving forward in a COVID-19 world.
May 15th 2020