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Veterinary Students’ Research Helps Horses Recovering from Injuries
Cummings School faculty and students do the work to scientifically validate remedy for horses suffering from tendon and ligament damage
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It took a pandemic for Tatyana Kalani, V21, to come back to her true passion as a wildlife veterinarian
May 10th 2021
At Cummings School, Brooke Howland, VG20, developed her passion for infectious disease diagnostics and landed a dream job in research
May 10th 2021
Nicole Swanson always attended the Cummings School open house as a kid and is now proud to be a part of the Foster Hospital team as an adult.
May 5th 2021
As a vet tech, Michael Santasieri enjoyed teaching. When a new tech training job at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals was created, he knew it was ...
May 5th 2021
Tiana Rangchi, V21, served as co-president of the Class of 2021 and recently won a National Business Aptitude Award
May 4th 2021
Thanks to her time at Cummings School, Olivia Pea, V21, has a greater sense of who she is and where she’s going
April 26th 2021
Cummings School is mentioned in a USA Today story about an experimental gene therapy developed at UMass Medical School to address a deadly disease in ...
April 25th 2021
Postdoctoral scholar Kaitlin Sawatzki was featured in a Wall Street Journal video story on concerns around COVID transmission between humans and ...
March 26th 2021
Attorney, social justice advocate, and author to address Class of 2021 in a virtual ceremony Source: ...
March 18th 2021
Professor Jonathan Runstadler comments on his lab's work studying SARS-CoV-2 and the potential for transmission between humans and animals in a ...
March 15th 2021
Special Report
Coverage of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Professor Jonathan Runstadler comments in a Vox article about which animals are most susceptible to SARS-CoV-2
December 16th 2020 Professor Jonathan Runstadler spoke with about the COVID-19 outbreaks at Dutch mink farms. Read full story here: ...
December 1st 2020
Veterinarians warn pet owners to keep dogs away from masks—and urge all to properly dispose of used face coverings
November 23rd 2020
Clinical assistant professor Stephanie Borns-Weil talks with WBUR's "All Things Considered" about how the pandemic has impacted pet behavior.
November 18th 2020
Cummings School researchers contribute to preclinical study that’s among first to report vaccine protection against severe COVID-19-related ...
September 4th 2020
To help veterinary students learn to use a microscope—while still following social-distancing guidelines—Cummings School invested in ...
August 24th 2020
Professor Jonathan Runstadler discusses his lab’s work to investigate genetic mutations and other factors that enable the SARS-CoV-2 virus to jump ...
May 15th 2020
Tufts researchers to study how sex and gender affect individuals’ risk of worse outcomes from COVID-19
June 15th 2020
Professor Charles Shoemaker is helping investigate if alpaca antibodies can produce better diagnostic agents and antiviral therapeutics for COVID-19.
May 15th 2020
Indonesia represents one of the most challenging fronts in the war against COVID-19. Meet the adjunct professor leading the fight against the novel ...
April 8th 2020
Researchers developing therapies and vaccines look to find the best paths forward with the help of a Cummings School veterinary pathologist
May 20th 2020
Research assistant professor Marieke Rosenbaum says COVID-19 can teach us how to encourage other behavioral changes for health—and plans to test ...
May 15th 2020
Assistant professor Felicia Nutter explains why we need to understand interactions among humans, animals, and their ecosystems to avoid future ...
May 15th 2020
Scientists collaborate to understand the coronavirus, from how it is transmitted to the disparity of its harm Source: ...
June 18th 2020
Research assistant professor Chris Whittier says the pandemic raises many questions around the relationships among human, animal, and environmental ...
May 15th 2020
Professor Sam Telford says the U.S. was caught unprepared to fight COVID-19—and asks how we will learn from this experience and invest differently ...
May 15th 2020
Distinguished professor Saul Tzipori explains how much we still have to learn about SARS-Co-2 infections and immunity.
May 15th 2020
Associate professor Abhineet Sheoran explains why widespread antibody testing is so critical to moving forward in a COVID-19 world.
May 15th 2020
Editor's Picks
Tufts University’s veterinary school aims to increase diversity among students, staff, and faculty, and by extension, the veterinary profession at ...
March 24th 2021
In addition to its D.V.M. program, Cummings School also offers graduate programs preparing scientists like these for service around the world.
November 1st 2018
Chris Whittier, V97, research assistant professor of conservation medicine at Cummings School, shares the dirt on these important enormous, ...
January 28th 2019
Two Cummings School alums are spending the year in government fellowships focused on One Health. In the age of COVID-19, here's why that's so ...
March 9th 2020
A technique borrowed from human medicine allows veterinarians to save damaged corneas in pets and horses
September 23rd 2019
In addition to its D.V.M. program, Cummings School also offers graduate programs preparing scientists like Arielle Potter, VG19, for service around ...
August 19th 2020
Cummings School researchers study an inexpensive drug to see if it can offer a new treatment for equine asthma—a common and chronic affliction ...
October 25th 2019
Some current clients of the Foster Hospital for Small Animals can opt for virtual appointments, which benefit patients, veterinarians, and even ...
July 16th 2020
If a Cummings School scientist can unlock why tuberculosis affects individuals so differently, she can point the way to more personalized treatments
June 24th 2019
Training local veterinarians to use ultrasound to screen cats for heart disease could lead to earlier detection, veterinary cardiologists at Cummings ...
October 17th 2019