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At Your Service: Dermatology

Hundreds of skin diseases affect our animal companions, making their diagnosis and management both frustrating and challenging. The Dermatology Service at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals is led by board-certified veterinary dermatologists with extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of skin, coat, ear and nail problems including allergic skin disease, autoimmune/immune-mediated skin disorders, infectious and parasitic skin diseases, genetic skin and coat diseases, and acute and chronic ear diseases in all species.

Specialized diagnostic and treatment services include: intradermal allergy testing and allergen-specific immunotherapy, biopsy and dermatohistopathology, video otoscopy, myringotomy, and deep ear canal cleaning to name a few. The Dermatology Service also offers in-house consultations and collaborates closely with other specialty departments within the hospital to provide complete and comprehensive medical care for patients.

The Dermatology Service offers appointments at the Foster Hospital Mondays through Saturdays from 9am to 3pm as well as Wednesdays 2pm to 7pm.  We also offer appointments at Tufts VETS in Walpole every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30am to 4pm.  Equine and other domestic species consults take place on Monday afternoons.

Meet your Dermatology Team:

Lluis Ferrer, DVM, DECVD, PhD – Professor;

Andrea Lam, DVM, DACVD – Clinical Assistant Professor;

Jillian Czech, CVT – Dermatology Technician (FHSA);

Susan Abbott, CVT – Dermatology Technician (Walpole); 508-668-5454

Rosemary Shaughnessey  (FHSA) – Liaison; 508-887-4745