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At Your Service: Neurology

The Neurology Team at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals

Our goal is to offer the best treatment and care for dogs and cats with neurological disorders – including brain, spinal cord, muscle and nerve diseases -seven days a week. New appointments are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Re-checks are seen on Fridays. All appointments can be scheduled by calling 508-887-4696. On weekends and holidays we are available for consultations via the emergency/critical care service. Surgical procedures, EMG and nerve conduction studies and hearing tests are performed every weekday except Tuesday. MRI, a highly effective, commonly used test for brain and spinal diseases, is available daily from 9am-5 pm.

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Neurology Faculty:

Dominik Faissler, DVM, DECVN, a graduate of the University of Bern, Switzerland finished his neurology residency at the University of Bern in 1997. He joined Tufts in the fall of 2000. He is a dedicated neurologist and neurosurgeon. His major interests include brain tumors, chronic cervical spinal cord compression and intervertebral disk disease.

The three residents spend the majority of their time in clinical service. Their highly structured training program includes medical and surgical neurology, electrodiagnostics, neuropathology and neurophysiology. Their patient care is always directly supervised by a faculty member. Kathryn Weiss, DVM, is a second year resident who graduated from Michigan State University and joined us in July 2012. Tracy Sutton, DVM – also a second year resident – is a Tufts University 2011 graduate and has been a proud member of our team since July 2012. Dr. Laura Harvey, a 2012 graduate of Tufts University, is our first year resident.

We would not be able to manage our active caseload without our neurology technicians Lisa Cosco, CVT, and Fayth Woodcock, CVT. They facilitate appointments, assist in neurosurgeries, CSF taps, and electrodiagnostic testing as well as all aspects of patient care.