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Margaret (Maggie) Underwood, Veterinary Technician II

Maggie came to veterinary medicine in a roundabout manner. Although she always wanted to be a Large Animal Veterinarian, she says “back in my day, female Veterinarians were few and far between.” Following her parents’ advice: “go to school to be a nurse, marry a rich doctor and have all the animals you want.” She attended Duchess Community College with all intentions of becoming a nurse. From there, she worked at the now defunct Digital Corporation as an Electronic Technician, and ran two of her own businesses: making and selling children’s clothing and painting/wallpapering. She also owned and operated the Trolley Stop Diner with her husband. As if that wasn’t enough, she drove a school bus for many years too.

In 1998 Maggie ran into a Tufts employee at her son’s baseball game who told her that the Hospital for Large Animals was always looking for help. She secured a position as Barn Staff. “I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I was able to work at the hospital,” she says. She soon began to supplement her income as well as fulfill her childhood dream of working with animals.

After a time in the barns, she was offered a temporary position as a Neonatal Technician. Maggie was delighted. “I couldn’t believe they were asking me to do this! Baby anything is my passion.” Her husband encouraged her to take the chance and see where it led her. She held that position for almost a year, and was then made the Treatment Technician. After five years, Maggie wanted to learn more and become a “more rounded” Technician so she became a Medical/Surgical Technician. Even while Maggie currently holds the position of Veterinary Technician II, she has never lost her soft spot for the “babies.”

When you hear Maggie say, “I think it is funny how my life has come full circle to what I always wanted to do for as long as I can remember. I went off, did a lot of wild and crazy things, got married to my very best friend and have two of the best kids in the world. Now, to be able to work here is amazing! I am blessed to have been able to work and be given the chance to realize my dream.” It’s abundantly clear that she also holds a soft spot for the Hospital for Large Animals

Maggie still enjoys sewing as well as hiking and crafts. In addition, she is quite a photographer. She shares her life, and life experience, with her husband, sons, a “crazy Boston Terrier and a crazier Pointer,” one 13 year old cat and a fish.