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Specialty spotlight: Dermatology

Did you know there are more than 400 skin diseases in cats and dogs alone? At Tufts Foster Hospital for Small Animals, our board-certified dermatology specialists, leverage cutting-edge technologies including video otoscopy and comprehensive intradermal allergy testing tools, to provide exceptional care for animals requiring specialized dermatology care.

Tufts Dermatology specialists treat both small and large animals. The team diagnoses, treats, and helps prevent skin conditions including diseases of the skin, coat, nail, and ears. Issues related to dermatology are quite common in animals and are one of the main reasons that a patient will visit a veterinarian other than wellness care. “Eighty percent of the time, a primary veterinarian has the training and skills to address these dermatological issues,” according to Dr. Lluis Ferrer. “The other cases need more specialized diagnoses and treatments. That’s where we come in.”

Generally, a primary veterinarian facing a more specialized dermatological issue in a companion animal will refer the patient to Tufts for evaluation. If it’s not an emergency situation, the team works through a clinical history, exam, diagnosis, and treatment, sometimes in consultation with other specialty departments at the hospital.

The faculty and staff at Tufts Dermatology service keeps current on clinical research and findings through constant continuing-education seminars and conferences as well as conducting their own clinical research and teaching future veterinarians. For this reason, Tufts veterinarians are able to offer the latest scientific approaches to diagnosing and treating any skin condition or disease your pet may encounter.