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Hunt for Good Health Ends at Tufts Hospital for Large Animals
After Dr. José Garcia-Lopez performed a surgery on another one of her horses, Renee Iannacchino knew exactly who to call upon when her Hanoverian/Thoroughbred cross, Charm Day, needed to see a specialist.
October 25, 2014

Charm Day

Renee Iannacchino bought her Hanoverian/Thoroughbred cross, Charm Day, as a green four-year-old, making sure to bring the mare along slowly, not wanting to burn her out at a young age. Four years later, Renee is ready to start showing in the Amateur-Owner Hunters, in hopes of working up to the 3’6″ division and eventually competing in hunter derbies.

However, Renee and Charm recently encountered a bump in the road on their journey, when her regular vet recommended the mare be brought to the Tufts Hospital for Large Animals at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center for a bone scan—and it was discovered she would need surgery for a small tear in her stifle area. “Dr. José Garcia-Lopez performed surgery on a horse I had before and he was fantastic throughout the process. When the news was given to me that we needed to see a specialist, Dr. Garcia’s name came up and I stopped my vet, knowing that’s where I wanted her to go. I trust him and knew that she would be in good hands,” Renee says. “I followed his directions along with my vet’s to a T and my horse is doing very well now.”

After the surgery, Renee and Charm’s relationship only grew. “She put her trust and confidence in me and knew that I only wanted the best for her. Having a horse laid up in a stall for months is never easy. I remember, this one day when Charm was on cross-ties and I went to give her kisses—when I looked into her eyes I could see that little layer that I had needed to break through,” reminisces Renee. “She has let her guard down and is allowing us to learn and make mistakes as a team…I hope that our bond will show as we compete next season.”