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Holiday Safety For Your Pet

For many, holidays are a time of cheer, however, for your pet it can be a dangerous time. Here are some tips on keeping your pet safe during this joyous time!

  • Plant dangers: holly, mistletoe and poinsettia plants are poisonous to cats and dogs.
  • Avoid all chocolate for your pets; ingredients in chocolate are toxic to dogs, and signs range from GI upset and tremors for milk chocolate, to seizures and potentially death with dark (or bakers) chocolate.
  • Avoid fatty foods which can cause digestive issues and can lead to hospitalization.
  • Avoid nuts such as macadamia nuts, as they can cause neurological signs, and fruits, such as grapes and raisins which can lead to kidney failure and be fatal to your pet.
  • Christmas trees decorations can be hazardous. Glass ornaments can break causing injury, so hang ornaments high and out o reach.
  • Avoid tinsel or angel hair as decorations. Cats are attracted to it and if ingested, can lead to intestinal blockages.
  • Avoid low hanging holiday lights. Pets can get tangled or burned by these lights. Keep the lights as high as can be to avoid any dangers for your pet.
  • Avoid candles and potpourri so pets can reach them.
  • Avoid excess ribbons and strings when decorating packages; just like tinsel, these can cause intestinal blockages if ingested.
  • Secure your holiday tree to the wall. Your pet can be injured if the tree were to fall.
  • Avoid decorating your tree with food.
  • Avoid wires from electric cords to be out where your pet can reach them. Always keep these hidden or taped to the wall.