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Foster Hospital Employee Spotlight: 
Ann Alartosky
When Massachusetts native Ann Alartosky was in veterinary technician school, the only place she wanted to work was Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts. This month we shine the spotlight on Ann who, after15 years at Foster Hospital for Small Animals at Cummings Veterinary School of Medicine, continues to enjoy rewards and challenges every day as a valuable member of the anesthesia team.
April 10, 2015
Students working on a patient while another student checks the vitals

While in college, Ann found herself nursing her sick cat back to health. Her desire to know all the clinical details surrounding her cat’s condition steered her to a career in veterinary medicine. After receiving her bachelor’s degree at Mount Ida College and completing her exam to become a certified veterinary technician, Ann found herself in what she considers an inspiring profession. During Ann’s tenure at Foster Hospital for Small Animals, Ann has spent six years as a radiology veterinary technician, and the past nine years as an anesthesia technician and a veterinary technician specialist (VTS) in Anesthesia in 2009.

It is the opportunity to provide not only the medical care, but also the moral support owners need when their loved ones face life threatening circumstances that make going to work worthwhile, according to Ann.

She also enjoys the opportunity to mentor veterinary students as they pass through the anesthesia service – one of the more challenging student rotations. Anesthesia involves critical situations often teetering on life and death, and students begin to realize what they will be responsible for when they graduate.

Ann’s love of animals and desire to give with all her heart is not only displayed on the job, but also at home. She has rescued two dogs and two cats that help make her house a home.

Every work day is a different, but Ann appreciates some of the constants — the level of teamwork, collaboration and mutual respect she witnesses among the faculty, residents, interns, students and fellow technicians. “It is amazing to be a member of a team of veterinary professionals who are smart and talented and I am proud to work with so many ‘unsung heroes’ behind the scenes,” Ann says.