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Owner Grateful for Care of Himalayan Cat’s Chronic Kidney Disease

Owner Jane Mason’s experience with Foster Hospital for Small Animals at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center dates back 18 years to 1997 shortly after she first brought her new Himalayan home. Jane recalls spending their first Christmas Eve together at Foster Hospital when Azrielle, the runt of her litter, developed a respiratory infection.

Diagnosed 15 years later with chronic kidney disease, she returned to Foster Hospital where Azrielle came under the care of Drs. Brandi Gallagher and Lesli Kibler.  Jane describes with passion how supportive both Drs. Gallagher and Kibler have been.  When she returned for follow up in 2014.  Dr. Gallagher wanted to admit Azrielle to administer IV fluids, but Jane was skeptical about leaving her overnight.  Although she was somewhat hesitant, Dr. Gallagher understood Jane’s reluctance and instead took time to show her how to provide treatment at home.  It was not long after that when Dr. Gallagher relocated to Florida, but was very comfortable transitioning Azrielle’s care to Dr. Kibler. “The transition was nothing short of remarkable. Dr. Kibler understands the balance of having an elderly cat and maintaining a good quality of life, never subjecting Azrielle to things that will not change the outcome.” says Jane.

Azrielle was her “baby girl,” her only child, and it broke Jane’s heart when Azrielle finally succumbed to age related intestinal issues in December 2015.  Jane is eternally grateful to everyone she has come in contact with at Foster Hospital:  “Neal, Cindy, Kim and Anne,” the veterinary technicians who regularly cared for her, left a heartfelt impression on us. They made me feel comfortable and welcomed—which in turn helped Azrielle to have as positive an experience as she could,” continues Jane.

Jane is blessed to have celebrated Azrielle’s 18th birthday and to have had her for that many years. She strongly believes it would not have been possible without the expert care, genuine love, and attention Azrielle has received from everyone at Foster Hospital.