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Passion and Teamwork
A love for horses from an early age led this veterinary technician into the field of Equine Sports Medicine. Read about how Laurie and the team work to get injured horses (and their riders) back into the ring.
October 19, 2016

Laurie with her 17-year-old Paint mare, Moon. (above) Laurie with her 16-year-old miniature horse, Rocket (featured image)

Laurie Gendron is and always has been a horse person. Growing up in Westborough, MA, Laurie was introduced to riding at a young age. Her mother owned and rode horses, and it wasn’t long before Laurie and her sister followed in her footsteps. Laurie’s love of horses and passion for equine sports led her into a career as a veterinary technician on the Equine Sports Medicine team at the Hospital for Large Animals (HLA).

At the HLA, Laurie sees the bond she has with her own horses reflected in her clients. She says, “There’s something about the bond between horse and rider that can’t be explained.  It’s that bond that drives me to want to help keep that partnership intact.”

As a veterinary technician and service liaison, Laurie works with the client and patient throughout the entire healing process. She schedules appointments for evaluations and orthopedic-based surgeries, handles and jogs horses, and helps with surgical preparations.

Teamwork is a big part of her job, and Laurie praises her colleagues. She says,  “…the teamwork, communication and coordination amongst the techs is incredible. The support that pulls together when a down horse comes in is unlike anything I’ve ever known. The techs (and doctors) I work with, are some of the strongest, most compassionate people I’ve ever met and I am lucky to know them.”

Together, the Sports Medicine team gets horses back into shape. Laurie finds her job most satisfying when the patient and client are able to get back in the ring, “I’m always excited to see a horse and rider team back out and competing after an injury.”

Laurie brings empathy and passion to her everyday work, and for that we salute her!