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The evaluation of a palliative radiation therapy in conjunction with an oral anticancer agent (Palladia®) for the treatment of measurable cancerous tumors in dogs

Carcinomas are a common form of malignancy in both dogs and humans. As a category of cancer, carcinomas tend to be both locally invasive as well as carry a high risk of local metastasis (spread to nearby tissues). In cases diagnosed in early stages, long term survival is often possible with a combination of surgery, definitive radiation therapy, and conventional chemotherapy but such combined therapy is often cost prohibitive for many clients. Furthermore, surgery may not be an option for some patients. Therapy is often limited to palliative (relief of pain and symptoms)radiation therapy (PRT) +/- conventional chemotherapy. The purpose of this study is to evaluate therapy with toceranib (Palladia®), an oral anticancer agent, in combination with palliative radiation therapy for tolerability, toxicity and efficacy in a population of dogs with measurable carcinomas.

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