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Travel Confidently

Preparing Horse Emergency and Care Information for a Healthy and Happy Holiday

Tis the season for travel! Your holiday plans were made months ago, but did you put a plan in place for your horse? Whether you care for your own horse or board him, it is essential to make sure his caretaker is equipped to handle any situation in your absence. Providing all of the right information and contacts to a knowledgeable, trustworthy person could save your horse’s life, and a stall identification card with all of this pertinent information is a simple but effective way to achieve this.

In addition to placing a stall card at your horse’s barn, make sure any routine maintenance appointments are completed before your departure so that your horse’s caretaker only needs to focus on the necessities.

While the information on a stall card is especially imperative to provide while you’re away, it is also useful to have available at all times as part of your emergency preparedness plan. Below, find a downloadable template that you can fill out and laminate or place in a protective cover:





Emergency Care at the Hospital for Large Animals

The Hospital for Large Animals at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts is home to the largest veterinary critical care and diagnostic center for horses in New England. The hospital provides 24-hour intensive care, medical and surgical services by its board-certified veterinary specialists in Internal Medicine and Critical Care in its state of the art facility.