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Ethograms in Principles of Animal Behavior

October 2019
Students were assigned to watch an animal for 30 minutes, create an ethogram, compare against published literature, and present to the class in the Principles of Animal Behavior and Human Activity course, which is part of the MS in Animals and Public Policy program and taught by Seana Dowling-Guyer. An ethogram is a catalog or table of all the different kinds of behavior or activity observed in an animal. The students observed a family of foxes (in her own backyard in Massachusetts), a captive fox, a captive common bottlenose dolphin, domestic cattle, domestic sheep, and domestic alpaca. Some pictures from their presentations are here:

Slide1 - Katy Hogan Slide3-e Aleta Dam Slide5 -e Alexia Goodman Slide1 -e- Aria Stewart Slide4 just sheep - e - Maddy Evans Slide2 - e - Tara Reid

plus a video taken by Katy Hogan of the fox family playing together here: