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Department of Clinical Sciences

A Leg Up for Horse Health

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Faculty and students train their entrepreneurial skills on multimillion-dollar equine legwear industry.

Veterinary Clinical Studies: Where Research Meets Clinical Care

Friday, April 17th, 2015

Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University has many opportunities for pets to participate in clinical studies. We recognize how important it is for pets to have access to the most advanced treatments possible. Whether it’s a study exploring a simple screening method to detect early cardiomyopathy in cats or to determine the most appropriate dosing of Plavix in dogs, our veterinary specialists are committed exploring new medical treatments that can help companion pets live longer, healthier and quality lives. Please review our website complete with ongoing clinical studies.

Research Lab

At Your Service: Radiation Oncology and Soft Tissue Veterinary Professionals Partner Together for Molly’s Case

Friday, April 17th, 2015

The news that a beloved family pet has cancer can be very upsetting. The good news is that many pets diagnosed with cancer have treatment options available to help them with their diagnosis.. At Foster Hospital for Small Animals at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center, our medical and radiation oncologists and soft tissue surgeons work together to develop an individualized treatment plan based unique patient needs. Foster
Hospital’s radiation oncology and soft tissue services are lead by board- certified specialists to assist you. Read more about our radiation oncology and soft tissue services and the best way to refer a client or obtain a consult from our team.

Practice Perfect

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Dental alumni and their patients conduct real-life clinical research for Tufts. “Patients see that you are not only doing general practice . . . but you are taking the time to go above and beyond, to influence the products of the future,” says Kistama Naidu, D02, DG04.

Willy’s Gift

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Zoey and Mahlon Hale with Willy, for whom they named a research fund at Cummings School.

The Genetics of Bloat

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Bloat is the number one killer of Great Danes. Researchers hope their work will help predict which dogs may get the deadly disease

One Medicine, Two Perspectives

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Veterinary cardiology resident Vicky Yang, V09, was the first Cummings School resident to shadow physician counterparts at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.