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Small Animal Clinical Case Challenges

chicken named penquin

Clinical Case Challenge: Chicken with Distended Coelom

Penguin the chicken with an uncommon diagnosis

black Labrador retriever with discharge coming out of left eye

Clinical Case Challenge: Canine Fever with Shifting Leg Lameness and Travel History

A 1-year-old Labrador retriever had fever, lethargy, and shifting leg lameness.

Clincal Case Challenge: Test Your Knowledge!

Clinical Case Challenge: A Collapsing Puppy

A 9-month-old spayed female Labradoodle was evaluated for collapse.

Clincal Case Challenge: Test Your Knowledge!

Clinical Case Challenge: A Cat with Progressive Lethargy

By John Berg A 9-year-old spayed female domestic short-haired cat presents with a two-week history of progressive lethargy. History The owners relate that she occasionally seems to have trouble rising and often seems to have… Read More

black cat's face with gold eyes

Clinical Case Challenge: Feline Hair Loss

A ten-year-old spayed female domestic shorthair cat presented to Foster Hospital’s dermatology and allergy service with a one-month history of progressive hair loss around her nose and below her eyes.


Resection of a Large Skull Mass in a Golden Retriever

Dominik Faissler, Dr. med. vet., Dipl. ECVN Background A 5.6-year-old, neutered male, Golden Retriever presented for a one-week history with a firm mass on the right side of the head. The mass was non-painful and… Read More

Severe Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca Accompanied by Ipsilateral Xeromycteria

Background: A 12-year-old male castrated Labrador Retriever presented to the internal medicine service with a two-month history of chronic right-sided nasal discharge refractory to antibiotic therapy. The referring veterinarian suggested computed tomography (CT) and rhinoscopy.… Read More

2 buttons removed from a ferret's abdomen

Ferret with a History of Vomiting

Background: A one-year-old 0.62-kg (1.4-lb) spayed female ferret, Beyoncé, was referred to Foster Hospital for Small Animals for evaluation of a five-day history of vomiting. The ferret had been examined by the referring veterinarian 3… Read More

Golden Retriever

Clinical Case Challenge: Vomiting, Azotemia, Elevated Liver Enzymes

An 11-week old female Golden Retriever presented for vomiting, azotemia, and elevated liver enzymes.