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Small Animal Clinical Case Challenges

Clinical Case Challenge: Oncology (Dog)

Cranial Mediastinal Mass in an Old Dog History: An 11 year-old, spayed female Labrador retriever presents for polyuria and polydipsia.  The owners report mild lethargy but the dog is otherwise doing well.  Physical examination reveals… Read More

Clinical Case Challenge: Emergency and Critical Care (Dog)

Labrador Collapses: What’s Your Diagnosis? History: An eight-year-old, spayed female Labrador retriever presented for evaluation of acute onset of diarrhea and collapse. The owner reported that the dog was completely normal until 3 hours prior to… Read More

Clinical Case Challenge: Anesthesia and Pain (Dog)

Anesthesia and Pain Case Challenge History: An 8 year old, 30 kg, mixed breed dog presents with recent onset of left hind leg lameness.  Radiographs and subsequent biopsy reveal the presence of an osteosarcoma of the… Read More

Clinical Case Challenge: Orthopedic Surgery (Dog)

Minimally Invasive Surgery Case Challenge Shanti Jha, DVM, Resident in small animal surgery Michael Kowaleski, DVM, DACVS, Associate Professor of Surgery Background: Boomer, a 7 year old, CM chocolate Labrador retriever was evaluated to determine… Read More