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Clinical Case Studies

  • Clinical Case Challenge: Ophthalmology (Dog) Case description
    A 4-year-old male, neutered, mix breed dog, Canon, presented to the Ophthalmology Service at Tufts Foster Hospital for Small Animals for a two-month history of ocular redness and discharge involving the left eye (OS). Canon was previously treated with topical neo/poly/dex ointment (q12h) for approximately one month, with minimal improvement.
    Ophthalmic examination revealed menace …
  • Clinical Case Challenge: Opthalmology (Dog) 1.
    Challenge:   The right eye of an 8 year old MC German shepherd presented for an annual recheck of his eyes. The nucleus of the lens is noted to be cloudy bilaterally. The rest of the ocular examination is normal.

    What is the diagnosis?
    What is the prognosis?

    Answer:  This is  “pulverulent”  cataract. “Pulvis” is Latin for “dust,” …

Success Stories

  • Lola’s story Anyone familiar with the popular television show House has seen the twists and turns that a medical condition can take but for the Dutkiewicz family, the drama was real life


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At Your Service

  • At Your Service: Ophthalmology Sometimes it’s a miniscule piece of foreign material or the abnormal growth of eyelashes that can be or become problematic for an animal. Other times it’s something more serious. You don’t want to gamble with your pet’s eyesight and should always seek the advice of a professional for what may be perceived to be a …
  • At Your Service: Ophthalmology The Ophthalmology Service at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals is home to two faculty board-certified ophthalmologists, two ophthalmology residents, an ophthalmology technician and a primary liaison, all dedicated to providing medical and surgical management related to injuries and diseases of the eye. We recognize that, in most cases, as a primary care veterinarian you …
  • At Your Service: Ophthalmology The Veterinary Comparative Ophthalmology Service at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine is staffed by 7 committed and caring individuals.  Attending clinicians include 2 diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology (ACVO)–both highly skilled and board-certified opthalmologists with multi-species competence. Our two residents are participants in the three-year Veterinary and Comparative Ophthalmology residency program, one …

Client Education

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